Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Autumn or Spring? You do the choice

Hi ladies & girls, did you have a nice day?

I'm Rebecca,an editor of this blog. I'm a little more than twenty year old,and I like make-up,sometimes for my boyfriend, when he'd take me to party and see his circles; sometimes for myself, when I'm dressed up just for fun or good mood.

There're actually a time when I really really don't wan't to make up, with the thick foundation and poisionous lipstick,especially when I'm alone or with families,on a long travel. Luckily I have a secret weapon, which helps me to do the makeup tricks easily.

See the image below, from one of our models:

The same face, totally different looks,right?

Just apply the "Frosty" look in this tool, you reap the wonderful style.No more harm to your skin and no more trouble when you are on travel or doing sport. Still you can show off the perfect side to other guys.