Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Create Perfect Portraits by Mastering Your Photographs

Photographs don't always capture what we'd like to see. We can't control our complexions, rebel blemishes, stray hair strands, or catastrophic crows-feet. Fortunately, you can use mastering tools by Perfect365- an excellent virtual makeover tool to fix all the minor imperfections in your snapshots. 

When you're creating a portrait – whether it’s for modeling purposes, holiday cards, or just for fun – you want it to be representative of how beautiful you can look. When you're sending out family portraits or holiday cards, you want your recipients to have a shot of you that is lively and energetic; in the modeling and acting industries,attention to details is what makes the difference between a perfect portrait - and a job offer - and one that gets tossed aside. Don't let finicky or fluke flaws impinge upon the image you're trying to portray, whether it's geared for your career or intended for family and friends. 

Before you decide to set up in front of the camera, you'll certainly want to find your perfect look in front of the mirror. Fixing your hair and applying your makeup is a tedious process, But with this virtual makeover tool, you can test out different makeup styles before you settle on the one that best flatters your features. Upload a photo and try out smoky eye shadow or red lip color…experiment with new applications you've never tried before and find your best new look! Once  you've customized your cosmetics for flattering your facial features, an extensive photography session may still leave you with pictures that are less impressive than you'd like.  Your teeth may be yellower than you’d like, your complexion may be blotchy or rough, your eyes may look duller than you'd like, or you may have a few more wrinkles and crinkles than you'd like to show…all of these things can be also easily fixed by using this virtual makeover tool within 1 minute ! 

Brighten your smile, smooth your complexion, add a gleam to your eyes, and even digitally remove your wrinkles with online makeover; turn back the hands of time by erasing crows' feet, and look 10 years younger. No matter what imperfections you're looking to fix, Perfect365 offers all you need to churn out a portrait you can be proud to show off.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Before You Go in For a Makeover, Consider Your Best Look


          Fashion trends change quickly, and it can be so difficult to keep up. Making fashion-forward changes is risky: while it can be extremely rewarding and fun, it can also completely change your demeanor. Bold makeup can make a fresh statement or look overdone, a whole new wardrobe could make someone look 20 years younger…but would it do the same for you?

           Before you decide to completely revamp your style or customize your cosmetics collection, give yourself an online makeover with Perfect365! Upload any picture you'd like and experiment with different styles before settling on your perfect look. Your brown eyes may benefit from lavender eye shadow selections, while your olive skin tone may look best with gold accents…with this online makeover tool, you can test out dozens of options to determine which look is best for you. 

          When you're looking for new makeup styles to flatter your favourite features, it's important to focus on all the facets that make your face uniquely beautiful. Makeup can be strategically selected to complement your skin tone and eye colour, draw attention to certain features and away from others, or accent your accessories. 

                For example, fair skin is best accompanied by light colours because darker hues can easily make already-pale skin look washed-out and sickly; based on colour rules and typical complementary principles, you may want to use just a dusting of rouge and a rose-pink lip gloss, coupled with minimal eyeshadow that contrast from your eye colour…but will this look right for your features? You'll never know until you try! With Perfect365, you can experiment with all your most promising options, using guidelines from experts to set a foundation from which to begin. Tweaking any application in even the slightest way could make all the difference when you're creating a customized palette for your specific features. 

                Whether you're looking to spice up your everyday appearance, impress a first date, or stop the show at a formal event, Perfect365 can help you find the most flattering makeup options for your face. Match your makeup to a specific outfit or gown, or take a look at your wardrobe for inspiration for a new collection of cosmetics. 

                By using this online makeover tool, you can wear more than new makeup. Wear the confidence – and stunningly smashing smile – that only comes with a makeover that's been tailored to flaunt your best features.