Thursday, December 29, 2011

Prepare for Your Wedding Day with a Perfect365 Online Makeover

Setting up for your wedding day is an exciting process, but it can be stressful and frustrating. Aside from worrying about pleasing your guests, you have to make sure you feel confident and beautiful walking down the aisle.

Facial features, themes, dress styles, jewelry, and even flower selections can all impact the way your makeup will look on your big day. A natural look may best suit you, or perhaps you'd rather shoot for an ostentatious brilliant look. Just use's one-click makeover tool to find your best customized look.

Skin Tone

To determine your best makeup look for your wedding day, first assess your skin tone.  Those with olive or rosy skin are considered "warm", while those with fair or pink skin are considered "cool". Then you can begin your makeup application process - start with foundations that match your skin tone and smooth your complexion. Whether powder or liquid, foundations with pink bases are considered to be warm, while foundations with yellow bases are considered cool. With the right foundation, you can achieve a smooth complexion and blemish-free face for your big wedding day!


Brides with olive or warmskin should avoid silver and blue cosmetics. They should look for peachy pinks with gold flecks to give a healthy glow.While women with cool skin tones should avoid orangey and red colors and  steer toward soft pink or tawny shades with a bit of shimmer.


When trying to emphasize your beautiful eye color, remember that red complements green, orange complements blue, and blue complements brown…take a peek at a color wheel to determine which shades are best for you. Make your green eyes shine with red-accented eyeshadow. Auburn and even deep chocolate browns with warm red bases offer stark contrast to green eyes, making them stand out from the rest of the face. Fuschia-purple, lilac, and deep pink hues are opposites to green on the color wheel, meaning they enhance the green tones in your eyes. Gold flecks can also make green eyes more noticeable, giving them a bright shining look.

Orangish colors may make blue eyes pop. The fact that blue is a typically cool color means that any warm shade will make the blue in your eyes exponentially more noticeable. Choose orange and red cosmetics, or even purple eyeshadow with warm gold undertones. Brown, peach, and gold hues - all with orange undertones - are color-wheel opposites, a fact that you can use to your advantage in making your eyes really stand out on your bridal debut.

If you have brown eyes, you're incredibly lucky - almost any color can be used to emphasize your eyes, from greens to purples to champagnes. You may want to select a lavender-colored eye shadow to accent your brown beauties, or go for any bluish hue that will contrast your eye color.

As a rule, avoid looking monochromatic by steering clear of cosmetics that closely match your eye color. Those with blue eyes should ignore aqua eyeshadows at all costs; while those with green eyes can utilize certain greens, they must be as far from your actual eye color as possible - dark green eyes can benefit from a bit of mint or pale green eyeshadows, while light green eyes can be properly accented with jungle or Kelly greens.

To avoid any issues on your wedding day, use to test different makeup styles and hues. Compare different color schemes to determine which is most flattering for your face. With the help of Perfect365, you'll be sure to look perfect 365 days a year.