Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Skin Problems and Solutions

Few of us have the perfect skin. Most of us may have these or those skin problems. This article gives specific steps, ingredients and treatment options as follows.
1.     Dryness
Usually we are complaint our skin are not moisture enough, especially in winter. Dry skin lets us feel uncomfortable. Here are tricks:
a.     Drink a plenty of water Every Day. A study says a man who drinks more than 8 cups of water every day is more likely to get a moisturized skin.
b.     Wash your face with warm water instead of hot water
c.     Pick a good moisturizer and apply it every morning and evening.

2.     Acnes
It is very common that many students have acnes on their face. But when you notice the acnes return in your 30s, you should start your skin care routine at once. Adult acnes are not like teen kind. The products for teenage don’t work for your adult acnes. Follows are tips on how to get rid of acnes. 
a.     Find a nice cleaner and wash your face after heavy exercise.
b.     Apply crushed-up aspirin to your acne and leave it overnight. Wash your face in the morning.
c.     Or apply lemon juice on your acnes pore on daily basis. 
3.     Droppy eyelid
Droopy eyelid lets you look older than you really are. So avoid and treat droopy eyelid is the first step for anti-age after 20 years old.
a.     Sleep as much as possible.
b.     Drink water as much as possible.
c.     Eat Fruits and Vegetables as much as possible.
d.     Put ice bag on your eye if needed.
e.     Apply eye cream every morning and evening.

4.     Wrinkles
Wrinkles are another symbol of aging. Here is how to prevent and reduce wrinkles:
a.     Apply vitamin E on your eyes and all over your face.
b.    Another excellent gel to use from a vitamin is Alpha Lapoic Acid.
c.     Pay special attention to your eyes on which the wrinkles are likely to reveal your age.

5.     Blemishes
a.     Rub calamine lotion on your face where the blemishes are.
b.     Put ice cube wrapped with clothing on your blemish areas.
c.     Apply sun scream with SPF 18 whenever you go out.
d.     Mix together a little bit of honey, lemon and a pinch of turmeric. Apply this mixture to the skin regularly. 

6.     Get rid of Dark under-eye circles
Many of us are suffering dark circles under eyes. How to reduce it?
a.     Sleep as much as possible in the night.
b.     Apply tea bag or ice cube wrapped with clothing for 10-15 minutes.
c.     Cut cucumber into slices and put two on your eyes, extending the dark area a bit.

Above are skincare tricks for regular time. Something unexpected often happen to us at some point or another- the day before a big event. You find that blemish or acnes set up camp on your face. Or have dark circles under eyes or puffy eye bags after a trip. What should you do? Get a makeover at once. Perfect365 is a powerful application that let you give yourself a virtual makeover within seconds. Just a single click of your mouse, you can solve all skin problems such as blemishes, acnes, wrinkles and much more. Even your teeth can be whitened within seconds. 
See a before/After Photo.

More popular styles are provided on ArcSoft Perfect365 official website. 
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Look Girly with Lavender Eyeshadow this Spring

Jill Stuart, a designer known for delicate and oh-so-lovely styles, presented her fall 2012 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York on Saturday. To coincide with the girly pieces in hues of purple, plum, a pansy flower, models wore their long hair down with a light purple or deeper shade lavender eyeshadow on the show.
When the look with black tinted smoky eyes has been growing tiresome, why not try the lavender color? Lavender smoky eyes looks incredible enhancing and beautiful. This trend is great for daytime hours, night, even evening between in.
Yes, you can grab this style by following steps.
For the eyeliner, purple, blue or dark green are good options. Here you can choose Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner 104 Lavender Mist on your upper eyelid, drawing a thicker line in the middle of your eyelid. Don’t line the entire lower eyelid, unless you have wide- set eyes.

 Benefit Fancy Pansy Eyeshadow is a cool-toned, pink-lavender with a pale, iridescent lilac sheen. Sweep it across the entire eye area (including up to eyebrow and the lower eyelid). Even though we only use one color here, it is fabulous enough. 
Apply a few coats of mascara to get thick and dark eyelashes. 

To put focus on your eyes, you just need to keep your lips nude. L'Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss in Sangria provides the perfect combination of shine and color boost.
This look lets you get into the spring mood. Can’t waiting to try it? Perfect365 – a kind of virtual makeup software can help you. It enables you to create this fabulous look within a second by clicking the button of a built-in template named Lavender after you launch it.  

Let’s face it! Perfect365 providing Lavender look is just waiting to be embraced.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Spice up Your Look this Valentine’s Day

lowers and chocolates are sweet, so should your look on Valentine’s Day. Get inspired by how-to tips below that get your looking just as fierce in no time.

This look is specially created for Valentine’s Day. It evokes romance, no matter you are ready for a hot night out, or want to increase odds of meeting someone. The guideline for this look: golden eyeshadow, plus orange tinted blush.

The Eyes
After applying foundation, coat golden eyeshadow across the entire eyelid, starting from the eyelid and blending upward and outward the eyebrow. To get a fresh look, only apply eyeshadow for the upper eyelid.

The Cheeks
Look at a mirror and smile to find where your apples of cheeks are. Use orange tinted blush that works fabulously with your natural lipstick and tie into a rosy look. Coat it in a circular motion and blend out and up to get a nice “sun-kiss” skin tone.

The Lips
Here you had better apply nude colored lipstick or just add some gloss on your lips, if you want to add fullness to your lips and keep a delicate, fresh looking feel.

Look ethereal and ever-so-slightly fairy-princess like? Should any of you be dying to try it out for your big date? Wait a moment. You also can create this gorgeous look with a virtual makeover tool- Perfect365. It saves both your time and your wallet. Just with several clicks, you can emulate this look or try other styles to see how these looks look great on you by glamorizing your eyes with a hint of color, emphasizing your brows, or whitening your teeth with individual enhancing tools. You also can share your makeovers via Facebook, Twitter and Flicker to earn oohs and aahs from your friends. High-quality prints from ArcSoft’s 3rd party printing vendor can also be order if you prefer paper prints.

Perfect365 gets you ready to this romantic evening. What are you waiting for? Try this look with makeover tool now! It will be definitely sweet on you.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo Retouching Software Fixes Those Minor Imperfections

The digital age allows us to preserve our snapshots for much longer than the old Polaroid and processed film days. When you're looking through those photographs, you will always hardly find a good bunch that shows the best sides of each of the people in the shots.

Fortunately, photo retouching software named Perfect365 enables you to master all of your photographs and remove all imperfections - whether large or small - to reveal the true beauty of all your friends and family members.

What about the pictures preserving your memories from years ago? Time is less than hospitable to these fragile paper prints, and the lack of photo mastering services may mean that even your best times may not be accompanied by your best looks. Don't worry. This photo retouching software works well.

Scan or upload all your snapshots from your childhood or days of yore, and make your own adjustments to keep your memories alive without remembering a less-than-ideal complexion, a rogue zit, or bags under your eyes. You may have pictures from your wild high-school days…a time of fun, but if you're like a majority of high-school kids, it was also a time of a rough complexion riddled with acne. The excitement and exhilaration of post-prom parties may have kept you up all night - a fact that's not lost on those who see the bags under your eyes in pictures. While you want to be reminded of this once-in-a-lifetime event, you don't want to be reminded of the exhaustion that may have proceeded! With photo retouching software, you can erase pesky blemishes and annoying imperfections so you're left with beautiful pictures to match those beautiful memories.

Perfect365 makes it easy to turn pictures into brilliant photographs that you can be proud to show off. Whether you're making a scrapbook, sorting through old memories, or creating an album of brand new snapshots, use photo retouching software to let the real beauty of your pictures shine through.